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Bears Hate NIASAT… Wolves Hate NIASAT

Sue Aikens © National Geographic Channel

Sue Aikens on Life Below Zero; Photo Copyright © National Geographic Channel

“There is no such thing as a typical day. Each and every day is driven by the challenge of the extreme conditions and weather. I have worked hard over the past decade to make my life simpler and keep solutions to potential problems quick at hand.” –Sue Aikens

Sue Aikens is one of the real-life cast members on the hit National Geographic series Life Below Zero. Sue has also been a NIASAT customer for almost 5 years. One of the “simple solutions” for Sue Aikens is making sure that her location communications are always available and actively monitored. NIASAT provides satellite Internet at speeds of up to 5.0Mbps down and 1.0Mbps up over satellite – anywhere in the world. NIA has provided Sue Aikens satellite Internet solutions and VoIP solutions for her location in some of the harshest conditions and we are proud to call her a customer and a friend. She is charismatic and no-nonsense and all of us at NIA love the fact that we can assist her.

Bears hate NIASAT…Wolves hate NIASAT, but Sue loves NIASAT.

Even in the most remote parts of Alaska – as seen on National Geographic’s Life Below Zero – NIASAT provides satellite Internet; specifically commercial grade satellite Internet for business and mission critical locations.

With the highest upload channel rate capability on the market, medium-to-low contention rates, fully customization bandwidth plans, affordable and high-quality service offerings, and 100% U.S. based technical support; NIASAT is the clear solution for your satellite Internet service needs.

More info about Life Below Zero on National Geographic:

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